Gamla Millennium Investments Ltd. is an international investment company in real estate that was founded in 2000. The company is jointly owned by Zannex Ltd. and Sharda Ltd., both owned by Odelia Shpitalni, Adv., and Ephraim Shpitalni, Adv.

Gamla Millennium is highly active in the field of real estate and funding in Israel and abroad, with tens of projects and initiatives in Israel, the USA, Spain and in the past in Sweden. The company has vast experience in development processes in real estate, land acquisition, improvement and project construction. Gamla Millennium also deals in equity capital financing for real estate developers in the scope of hundreds of millions of shekels through its subsidiary, Gamla Harel Residential Real Estate.


Gamla Millennium’s most prominent operations in Israel and abroad include:


As part of its operations in the United States, Gamla acquired 1,000 housing units in Florida and Chicago, as well as office buildings in Chicago. Gamla improves, leases and manages its assets through a management company it established in the US.


As part of its operations in Spain, Gamla acquired hundreds of housing units in Madrid, Málaga and the Canary Islands. Also, the company is involved in initiation projects in various planning and building processes in Madrid and Málaga. Gamla improves, leases and manages its assets through a management company it established in Spain.


Purchasing, improving, managing and leasing a portfolio of hundreds of apartments in Sweden.


Purchase of land, construction and rental of projects, including the company’s flagship project – Gamla Park in Ra’anana. An office building with 32,500 square meters of offices, commercial spaces, and underground parking lots.

Gamla Millennium, in collaboration with Harel Insurance, established Gamla Harel Residential Real Estate Ltd., which finances capital for real estate developers at scopes of hundreds of millions of shekels and is the leading company in Israel in this field.

A partnership with Tal Bar Ltd., an entrepreneurial company specializing in National Outline Plans in Givatayim and Ramat Gan, with 40 projects in various stages of planning and construction.

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